Olectra Greentech Share Price Target All Details 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Olactra Greentech is a small-cap firm that offers outstanding long-term profits to investors. These EV stocks frequently get the attention of numerous investors. Today, we’ll talk about Olactra Greentech’s  share price target as well as anticipated share performance based on the company’s valuation and financial standing.

We will gain a deeper understanding of the company’s long-term stock performance by analyzing the business fundamentals and financial health of the organization. Additionally, we examine the business and financial aspects of Olactra Greentech to determine whether or not investing in this Small-cap EV company is lucrative. Check out the Olactra Greentech share price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

A small-cap firm called Olectra Greentech has a market value of Rs. 10,636.4 Cr. This business specialises in the production and sale of motor vehicles. Let’s look at the company’s foundations.

Market Cap Rs. 10,636 Cr
Industry Electric Equipment and Component services
Operating Revenue Rs.1134.4 Cr
Current Market Price Rs.1,297.20
P/E ratio 160.91
Earnings Per Share 8.6

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2023

Olectra Greentech operates enterprises in India that include the production and marketing of electric buses and composite polymer insulators. Hyderabad is where the company’s headquarters are, and it was founded in 2000.

Both the National Stock Exchange (NSE-OLECTRA) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE-532439) listed the company. The business is making money by selling electric buses and EHV composite insulation.

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2023: The company is currently focusing more on expanding its operations outside of India. Therefore, you should expect good sales growth going forward.

Olectra Greentech Share First Target Price 2023 Rs.1800
Olectra Greentech Share Second Target Price 2023 Rs.1900

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Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2024

The market leader in domestic EV buses and EHV insulation is Olectra Greentech. The P/E ratio for the company is 161.35, which is greater than the P/E ratio for the industry. Therefore, according to values, this EV stock is currently in the Overvalued zone.

The company has a stellar track record, and in the most recent three years, its share value increased by up to 1838%. Additionally, the return on these small-cap companies is 140.6% higher than the return on the NIFTY 100.

 Share Price Target for Olectra Greentech 2024: When comparing the returns from Olectra Greentech with those of the NIFTY 100 for small-cap companies, they were exponential. Additionally, based on market demand, its share value may rise in the future.

Olectra Greentech Share First Target Price 2024 Rs.2700
Olectra Greentech Share Second Target Price 2024 Rs.2750

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2025

Olectra Greentech has had successful recent financial years, as seen by its positive results. When compared to its annual revenue growth of 83.18%, its share value has increased by 111% during the course of its share price history. Additionally, its yearly revenue growth rate exceeded the prior three years’ CAGR of 68.9%.

The company intends to continue introducing additional products in the following days. Olectra Greentech will have a fantastic possibility to become the leading company in the EV busses categories as the country is shifting toward EVs.

Because of the rising market demand for electric vehicles, Olectra Greentech expects its share price to climb by 2025. Additionally, this company’s technical analysis states that its share price objective by 2025 is anticipated to be between Rs. 3800 and Rs. 4000.


Olectra Greentech Share First Target Price 2025 Rs.3800
Olectra Greentech Share Second Target Price 2025 Rs.4000

olectra greentech share price target

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2030

In the next ten years, up to 60% of the Indian automobile market could be converted to electric vehicles, according to numerous schemes that the Union government has announced to expand the use of EVs. Therefore, EV motor segments will have a ton of opportunity in the future.

The company also produces higher cash flow when compared to its debt level thanks to its 15% debt-to-equity ratio. The company’s debt value decreased from 36.5% to 15.9% over the last five years.

Olectra Greentech has the ability to adapt to the impending market demand in both the domestic and international EV segments. Share price target for Olectra Greentech is 2030. Additionally, the business will gradually expand its presence worldwide. Therefore, you may anticipate that Olectra Greentech’s share price objective by 2030 will be between Rs.

Olectra Greentech Share First Target Price 2030 Rs.9000
Olectra Greentech Share Second Target Price 2030 Rs.9500

Olectra Greentech Business Overview

Hyderabad is home to Olectra Greentech Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of EV buses. The company’s main products are composite polymer insulators and electric busses.

After seeing success in the EV bus segments, the company is extending its manufacturing divisions into e-mobility for 3-wheeler electric automobiles and e-trucks.

Olectra Greentech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Years First Target Second Target
[2023] Rs. 1800 Rs. 1900
[2024] Rs. 2700 Rs. 2750
[2025] Rs. 3800 Rs. 4000
[2030] Rs. 9000 Rs. 9500

Olectra Greentech Shares Strength

1.Over the past five years, the company has provided investors with typical returns.
2.The sector’s expansion outpaces the revenue growth every year.
3.Using the funds from its shareholders and its assets to produce profits, its ROCE percentage has effectively increased over the last two years.
4.Its debt value has decreased.


Excellent results have been delivered throughout time by Olectra Greentech Limited, which has consistently increased its market share in the past. Additionally, it has a solid balance sheet, which aids in steady revenue development in the long run.

In the upcoming couple of years, investors may find these small-cap EV stocks to be more beneficial if the market keeps changing.

The objective levels specified in this article are solely for reference purposes; they may change depending on the state of the market. Therefore, before making an investment, be careful to research the market conditions and consult your financial counselor.


1.What is the future share price of Olectra?

Stock price target for Olectra Greentech 1258.08 on downside and 1287.08 on upside.

2.What is the future of the Olectra Greentech share?

a long-term increase is expected, the “Olectra Greentech Ltd” stock price prognosis for 2028-07-14 is 1922.630 INR. Your current $100 investment may be up to $150.78 in 2028.

3.What is the old name of Olectra share?

Olectra Greentech Limited (Formerly known as Goldstone Infratech Limited) was incorporated in October 2000,

4.What is intrinsic value of Olectra Greentech?

FCF is ₹-61.01. The stock price of Olectra Greentech is ₹1396.60. Therefore, Olectra Greentech’s Price-to-Intrinsic-Value-Projected-FCF of today is 0.0.

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